May 17, 2013

As the owner of Elephant Tree Features, I want to provide assurance that your privacy is of prime importance and is protected.  No personal information is ever shared or sold, including, but not limited to, name, IP address, addresses or other contact information.  All information is held strictly confidential, with the only exception being in the event of a criminal or civil legal matter in which I were subpoenaed.

I do collect and use the data in log files, such as IP addresses, ISP (internet service provider) information, the browsers used by visitors, the number of times readers visit my site, and the pages that were viewed.  This information is valuable in improving my services as well as incoming traffic.

Currently, this site contains no advertising; however, it will at some point in the near future in order to generate additional business income.  Any ads placed will be at the discretion of the marketer based upon keywords associated with this site.

If you have questions or concerns, please email me at

Thank you for visiting and supporting this blog.

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