Amy Skalicky is a freelance writer, public speaker, educator, and a specialist in social media as well as traditional marketing.  She is passionate about her writing, but she also is a strong supporter of providing well-researched information.  She is currently remodelling her blog to reflect her change from conversations to one that is more grounded in current events and hot topics, locally and nationally.

A single mom living in Boulder County in Colorado, Amy believes children are our single most important investment and is involved in various supportive roles, from the PTA at her daughter’s school to tutoring.  She currently is providing information regarding the Common Core  Standards to parents.  Amy says she made the choice to move from working a traditional job to starting her own business to spend more time


with her daughter.  “I wanted the freedom to actually be a mom,” she states emphatically. “I couldn’t do that before.  Others were raising my daughter more than I.  I have a tremendous amount of experience and decided to draw off of my talents and knowledge to offer our little family something better.”

While she enjoys writing about what is going on in Boulder County,  Amy has begun to focus on current events. “There are some BIG things going on in our country and in the world. We all need to be paying attention and taking action on some things.  I have discovered that many people don’t have the time to keep up with the latest on some issues, so I’ve started writing about them. Often, catching on or two articles or newscasts leaves a person with a partial or even inaccurate picture of what’s going on. I like to pull all of it together to provide the big picture that is easily digestable.  I am very visible on Facebook and Pinterest, using these social media platforms as avenues to provide important information at the proverbial fingertips, and to sometimes to urge people into action.  We cannot be complacent any more.”

Amy is very open about being an adult with ADHD, and her daughter has the diagnosis as well.  “There is a misconception that ADHD means you lack intelligence, can’t learn much and that children with ADHD are just ‘bad.’  I want to help open people’s minds that ADHD has nothing to do with intelligence–as a  matter of fact, many people with ADHD are extraordinarily gifted, my daughter included–and, while it can be challenging, can be managed quite well.” Amy is a CHADD Parent-to-Parent Family Educator, providing training and informational events upon request. She has several books published on Amazon, one being about ADHD called “What Is ADHD and Is It Contagious?” and is an avid supporter and educator of the ADHD community.

raise a writerThoughts on becoming a freelance writer:

I was driving down the road recently and observed the car in front of me well over the center line, driving right down the middle of the road. “Pick a lane!” I thought.

I had been driving down the middle of the road for quite some time, too, and it was time to pick my own lane.  The middle of the road held great experience and opportunity, but it was missing something.  Something wasn’t quite right. Passion, and the things I truly cared about, like writing, were in the lane next to me.  I had been driving down the middle of the road for so long, however, that it had become familiar, and this familiarity was comforting in a way.  But it wasn’t quite right.  The idea of changing lanes was scary. The other lanes all went in different directions to places I had never been before.  But, I took a deep breath, gathered my courage, and moved over.  Now, here I am.  A new lane, with an unknown destination ahead of me, and a smile on my face.  I have a map, but it is limited and offers limited guidance.  Faith and my sense of adventure will take me where I am supposed to go.”

“Welcome to my blog.”

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Amy,
    Love your story often wish I am closer to people like you so we can do some brainstorming and helping each other to develop our inner seeds of greatness we all have in us just waiting for our discovery.I am total newbie at computer/internet I was too busy to earn a living to have time for learning computer,now I am reired and too busy with babysiting grandkids,so sometimes I wonder when will I have time for learning and growing in areas I feel passionate about?Just woder,while our time train is leaving the station…Amy you are great soul and I feel you are going in right direction,my very best to you,Ivan


    • Thank you so much for your comment, Ivan. I am glad you enjoyed reading a little bit about me and how I got started in my business. As for how to find the time, I would suggest scheduling a half an hour or even an hour each day to start. I am a single mom, and, with school out, my daughter is home for the summer, so I can appreciate your time being limited. There is no time like the present, however, as life has a way of never giving us the leisure we hope for to start out on new ventures. I get up a bit earlier in the morning to check my emails and do a few things. Even a half an hour makes a difference. Remember that saying about how do you eat an elephant–one bite at a time? Map out little bites each day in a simple plan. Write down your goals, your resources, time, what you need to do, and how you will do it. You are a gift to your grandchildren, but God gave you other gifts as well. Time for yourself is important, so grab a little bit of time each day, make a plan, and nibble on that elephant a little bit at a time. Please let me know what you work out–I am always evaluating my own time management practices, and run across great suggestions from time to time, so I would enjoy hearing more from you.


  2. Great story, Amy. I’m glad you found your lane and decided to pursue your passion for writing. Based upon what I’ve found at your blog so far, I think you are moving in the right direction. Best of luck.


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