truth exitWhat I love most about writing:

I can do it in my pajamas… maybe some flip flops…with no makeup on… bed-head… and not scare anybody!  Writing is one of  my passions, rivaled only by God, motherhood and chocolate. Writing allows me to indulge in my favorite past time–good conversation with interesting people who likely are way smarter than I.

I have always been passionate about being informed about what’s going on in the world, and there are some incredibly important things going on not only in our country, but in the world. Many people are unaware of many of the implications. I will talk about everything from Christianity and politics, to education, the supernatural, and safety.  It’s difficult for the average person to spend the time researching, gathering all of the details, separating the truth from fiction.  I love doing all of these things, putting the pieces of the puzzle together and sharing what I learned. I feel compelled at this point in my life to move from casual conversations with my friends to serious writing to help others get it all in one place. I am very visible on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, so please check it out.  A converstion, however, is not one-sided–I need  you to break your silence and join me.

I make these promises to you:

  • I will present resources to back up what I share 
  • I will celebrate freedom of speech and respect the opinions of others
  • I will always encourage you to bring new resources and new information to the table

I ask the same from you.

So, please, my friend…grab a cup of something, pull up a chair, and let’s talk about what the heck is going on!

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  1. Discovered your blog through Pinterest.
    I just pinned a video from youtube after watching……
    Titled “Illuminati 2014: Predictions!! We must reach mass awareness!”
    & Pinterest suggested your page because you have pinned the same video.
    I must say it takes a lot of courage for people to speak up and be a voice for what’s right.
    I created a blog with all your intentions but was never able to kick it off the way I wanted to.
    I love to write, I love to do research on things that benefit me, my life, my loved ones, the earth, & all living things. This ranges from holistic health & medicine, uncovering dark truth in our country, global issues, and so forth.
    I am 23 years old and I know I have much to learn but I look forward to reading more on your blog. Such an inspiration!
    Now more than ever people like you and I (activists) need to stick together to raise awareness and help save the Earth & all it’s life forms.
    I hope to learn many things from you 🙂


    • Alma,

      Thank you so much for the feedback! Common Core issues have kept me so busy that I have not blogged lately, but will be back writing this weekend.

      I admire your outlook and your attitude. We all have so much to learn, and it is up to us to do the research, study history and understand what is going on currently. Kudos to you for being proactive! That is so unusual for someone your age.

      Keep blogging. If you love to write, keep doing what you love, and promote it the best you can. Even if you reach only one person, that one person may be the one whose life is changed. You never know. Never give up. Please share your blog site so I may visit it. I wish you the best.


  2. You are so right, writing is a blessing! I can’t help but feel like writing in a journal is way different than writing in a blog online. How long have you been blogging? Any tips on how to become a better blogger? Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Amy,
      Thank you for visiting and chatting! 🙂
      To answer your questions, I have been blogging since April of this year, for all the reasons on my about page. I love my gift of writing–God was good to me. Tips? I’ll give you my top three: 1. write about what you are passionate about. 2. keep it simple 3. proofread and edit. Let your blog be an extension of you. We all have our own personalities, visible in different ways. While it is helpful to look at other good blogs, be yourself on yours. I write the way I think and the way I would speak about the topic. You are the only you–let the world get to know you. Not all will like or agree, and that’s ok. The conversation is what is important 🙂


  3. Thank you for the girl scout post… wow. I am a mother of boys – thank goodness I don’t know what I’d do if I had girls in the scouts. I am not loving the common core, and don’t like how gov’t is trying to make $ off my children. What to do? Not sure… but I am praying for our children’s future for sure.


    • Hi, KP. Thank you for your comment. I was dumbfounded when I ran across this information about the Girl Scouts–what happened to the wholesome group that so aptly personified America and her values? KP, praying is the most powerful thing you can do, and thank you. If you decide you want to do anything else, letters to our state government and sharing information with other parents is a great action item. Let me know if you want some ideas or direction. In the meantime, keep learning and keep fighting!


  4. Yes, that is exactly what I like about writing, too. Not to mention, there is no “competition” (until trying to publish, at least). It’s just the writer and the words, left alone by the rest of the world.

    Cheers to you,
    Courtney Hosny


  5. Well, this didn’t disappoint, either. I am retiring in one week, so I’ll be able to experience even more pajama writing — well, until my wife has me go out and gut the garage.


      • Hi Amy,being only 67 years “young” I always love to read and write,did come by a “mistake” to your blog,and I am total newbie to computer/internet stuff,just learning the basics,as I have retired I am thinking more and more of helping others to discover the seeds of greatness that God had planted in each one of us,just waiting for our discovery.It looks as you have discovered yours,wishing you all the very best.Ivan


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