Top Ways I Quiet My ADHD Brain

screaming-catADHD blesses us with never-ending ideas and thoughts, which sometimes becomes overwhelming  and frustrates me so much I want to bang my head against a wall. Sometimes I just want silence. The phrase “clear your mind” prompts the “yeah, right” response often.

Usually, I love the fact that I am never at a loss for ideas for projects, things to write, conversation, or plans for fun activities to do with my daughter.  Sometimes, however, I just want to be still, and I want my brain to follow my body. Easier said than done.

I have discovered some strategies that help,  however.  Please keep in mind that I share what works for me, but I am in no way telling you what you need to do.

Here are the top six ways I soothe my mind:636086_hZVMILtK_c

  1. I write. When everything is swirling around in my head, ADHD renders me completely incapable of organizing or making sense of much, so I put it down on paper.  I can then sort through ideas, prioritize or ponder on them further (more swirling thoughts).
  2. I draw. Many of my ideas are about projects I want to do, and I draw what I imagine.
  3. I listen to music. Music takes me to a different place, relaxes me and shoves other things out of my head for a while.
  4. I pray. I give my thoughts to the Holy Spirit and am filled with peace.
  5. I meditate. Usually, if I can escape to a quiet place, I can relax and direct my mind to something else, something that relaxes me, and tame my ADHD mind.
  6. I get physical. Exercise, such as running, frees me from everything, burns that energy that my mind is trying to deal with, and puts a smile on my face.

Remember, I do not tell people what they need to do.  I do, however, share ideas, especially if I have tried them and they worked for  me, in the hopes that others will benefit.

If you have other ways to quiet your ADHD mind, I would love to hear from you.

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