Special needz studentz and the Black community

As I read this post, it dawned on me that I strongly believe that Arne Duncan and his corporate goons actually thought Common Core would slide through with little opposition because he has the misguided notion that parents do not care about their children enough to get involved. This post reiterated for me the fact that our government is racist, I believe, and assumes that most of us are too. That couldn’t be further from the truth; however, I believe that Arne and corporate owners/executives project their issues onto us. That’s right, project, issues like racism, and I believe they have attempted to create friction between the races and nationalities in this country. Well, I have news for them: I am colorblind, and most of the many, many people I engage with are as well. I do, however, strongly believe that African-Americans and Hispanics are taken advantage of and manipulated more than the rest of the population, and Common Core makes this ever more obvious. As I have said before, and I am going to repeat millions of times in the coming years, we ALL need to fight for and with each other.

Moorbey'z Blog

by Laura Savage

Having a child with autism who receives special education in public school is a challenge. It can be more difficult for parents of low income, as is my circumstance. I’ve tried different routes to navigate a very difficult and, at times, confusing system. The myriad of acronyms and policy to be familiar with are overwhelming and it can feel as if you are alone in the process – your family against your school district.

Nadir, 12, and Laura Savage, web
Nadir and Laura – Nadir is 12 now, has a mustache and is taller than mom!

During my journey of trying to advocate for my son, Nadir, I have had to take legal action against the school district, to file suit because of disagreement with the district about the services or placement of a student they propose. I filed suit twice against two different districts and had an attorney draft a letter because…

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