Reader from China: Why Chinese Students’ Test Scores Are So High

Do we want to follow in China’s footsteps?

Diane Ravitch's blog

This fascinating and informative comment was just posted in response to Tom Loveless’s earlier article about how Shanghai gets high scores by excluding the children of migrants from its schools and how OECD allows China to exclude the PISA scores from provinces with less than stellar results. As you will see, there is no coddling” in China. Instead, the pressure on students to study and compete for college entry is relentless.

The reader writes:

As a Chinese native living more than 50% of time in US during the last 20 years, I’m not at all surprised by the result.

Let me talk a little bit about China style. I’m not judging which is better, China or US – it’s just different ways of living, it’s just plain facts.

Two facts are unbelievable for normal US people in terms of the education of kids in China, and as I knew, somewhat…

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