Protect the Fight to Stop Common Core

1455108_4946256993576_575780415_nHave you heard about National Don’t Send Your Child to School Day?

I am a warrior mom fighting Common Core and willing to make a statement about the initiative.  I was on board with this effort for a while, but started having second thoughts for several reasons.

About a week ago I engaged in a discussion about possible repercussions to pulling kids out of school to make a political statement. I struggled with it for a while.  I agree that it will definitely make a statement, and statements are definitely needed; however, as someone who is starting to gain credibility in my own school district, and as someone who has seen firsthand some successes in fighting Common Core in Colorado, I am becoming increasingly conscientious of what I say and how I fight.

It is my sense that I will be viewed as irresponsible if I do pull my daughter out, and I agree with Shane Vander Hardt’s latest post in Truth in American Education “Fight Common Core and Send Your Kids to School.” Proponents of Common Core like Michael Petrilli are going to attempt to capitalize on painting those opposed to Common Core as impulsive extremists who have no sense.

Contrary to Petrilli’s statement that in his experience some of the most vocal Common Core opponents do not have their children in public schools, Common Core is being fought across the country by parents and educators, like you and me, who don’t have an extreme bone in their bodies.  Good sense, sound research and evidence, as well as disciplined responses has been a hallmark of the fight against Common Core, and we should strive to keep it that way.

There are many actions that we can take to fight the standards, and opting out of the standardized assessments is a more effective and protected choice. State-specific information and resources are available at United Opt Out National’s website. In addition, Congressmen are beginning to respond, and the foundation of support is growing.

We all have a responsibility to not damage the fight.


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