Common Core and the Future of This Country: It Is All Connected

cc problsI am writing a book about Common Core from a parent’s perspective.  As I delve into the heart of the federal government’s plans for education, the extensive history behind this movement, as well as the implications, are profound and startling.

Nothing taking place in this country is occurring in a vacuum. It is all connected.

Common Core is not about education. It is about control.  It’s roots go all the way back to the late 1800’s in this country, and even further in world history.  The quest for a few to control the many and corner the market on money and power is phenomenal.  This has been the driving force of history since the beginning of time, and is not only about education.  This movement encompasses religion, globalism, government itself, the economy, finances, education, parenthood, health, freedom, and our very existence.

My journey has led me deeper into the Bible and my relationship with Jesus.  God foretold the things to come, events that are occurring right now, with such clarity I don’t know how I missed it at first. I encourage you to read this article to learn more about this aspect of current events.  I see it now and am grateful, but am saddened that so many more don’t.

Arne Duncan, the current Secretary of Education, once stated during a speech to the United Nations, “Today, education is a global public good unconstrained by national boundaries…education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  The United States provides over a billion dollars annually to partner countries working on educational reform.”  Changing the world starts at home, and education is the weapon being used against America’s citizens–weapons attacking children–to mold attitudes and values to fit this goal of a global community.

Obamacare mimics Common Core’s prescriptiveness and data collection methods, all designed for the “common good” and to “provide better services.”  Forced services, decided by government agencies, not families and individuals.  Our finances have been tied to both, used as a tool to coerce adhesion.  Education is further tied to “career readiness,” and “human capital tracking.”  That’s right, our students are “human capital” being groomed to meet the workforce expectations laid out by large corporations and our government.

A good example, and one I recommend you read, is the  “Framework for a Multistate Human Capital Development Data System,” that outlines the population tracking of people in America. Here are a few quotes from the document:

The rise of a globalized knowledge economy requires us to understand the distribution of skills and abilities in our population.

This “human capital development data system” must be developed to answer “master” policy questions that benefit each of the principal state stakeholders – theK-12 education system, the postsecondary systemand labor/workforce development system – both for accountability purposes and to inform improvements in policy and practice.

A more effective data system for accountability and policy and practice improvements could provide answers to such questions. Integrated to enable large-scale longitudinal analyses to support state educational and workforce development policy,student or individual unit-record datalinked together across K-12 educationpostsecondary education, and the workforcecomprise what we call a human capital development data system (HCDDS). An HCDDS should be able capable of:
• Tracking the stock and flow of the skills and abilities (represented by education and training) of various populations within a given state.
• Examining the gaps in educational attainment between population groups, based on demography and socio-economic status.
• Incorporating information from multiple states, given the mobility of the U.S. population and the fact that many population centers are located on state boundaries.

Given the sensitivity of SSNs and the fact that even they cannot match all individual student records “perfectly,” it is probably wise for states to adopt a broader approach to “identity matching,” (which includes birthmarks, eye color, hair color, and eventually eye scans).  Such an approach would link records using a larger group of variables corresponding to student characteristics, including but not limited to the SSN (when available) or statewide student identifier.

Use of Social Security Numbers would pin all tracking data to an individual instead of aggregating it and protecting children’s privacy.

While there is still much work to be done in linking K-12 and post-secondary records, states also should be planning now for how to incorporate workforce data into their longitudinal data systems. Indeed, the federal government has made this a basic expectation for states receiving ARRA funds.

I would also like to add, as food for further thought, this quote from the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto:

Number Ten states: “Government control of education; free education for all children in public schools; Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form and a Combination of education with industrial production”.

I encourage you to do your own research to truly understand where we are in this country.

For more information:

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