yes-radical3Today, I discovered I am a radical.

I am a radical because I can have an intelligent conversation about the U.S. Constitution, still believe in it, and am angered when our government treads on it. I believe that it is our responsibility to know it and defend it.

I am a radical because I believe in a parent’s right to direct their child’s upbringing and make decisions about their education, their health, their values, what they watch on television, their religious practices, what they wear, and what time they go to bed.

I am a radical because I believe in Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross for my sins, that He rose from the dead three days later, and He saved me from eternal death.  I believe in His complete love for a sinner like me, a love so beautiful and unconditional that He died so that He can spend eternity with me.

I am a radical because I say I’m sorry, yes ma’m and excuse me.

I am a radical because I believe that my child is a gift, that I have a responsibility to raise her as well as I can, according to God’s will, to be a godly, loving, hardworking, responsible, compassionate and strong adult who can think for herself.

I am a radical because I am in awe of sunsets, love, mountains, God, and forgiveness.

I am a radical because I believe it is wrong to walk out of the grocery store without saying anything when the cashier erroneously forgets to ring an item up and I haven’t paid for it.

I am a radical because I love our National Anthem, say the Pledge of Allegiance with tears in my eyes, and get goosebumps whenever I see Old Glory fly.

I a a radical because it matters to me that we have soldiers who give up everything to protect our country and her freedoms, and that I am angry and saddened when they are mistreated, disrespected or abused by our government.  It breaks my heart to see the burdens they bear for us–broken families, sadness, missing a child’s birth, death, injury, heartbreak, PTSD, suicide, homelessness–and the list goes on.

I am radical because I care about people with disabilities, and I demonstrate compassion and understanding whenever I can.

I am a radical because I cry when I see people without homes, especially kids, standing on streetcorners with cardboard signs, desperate for help. I stop and talk to them, because I want to know their names, hear their stories, give them whatever I can and pray for them.

If this is being radical, then yes, I am a radical.

And I am radical about it.


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