Help! I’m Almost-Dumpster Diving!

Yep, I ate that!

I don’t know about you, but when I became a stay-and-work-at-home mom, my eating habits underwent a startling transformation, and not for the better.  I ate rather healthily when I worked in an office, keeping trail mix in my desk, fruit and yogurt in the refrigerator, and bringing salads or healthy soups for lunch.  Yes, I was queen of the healthy eaters, even avoiding the candy bowls and Friday doughnut runs.

I remember packing my personal belongings from my office, even checking twice to make sure I had everything, but somehow, healthy eating habits got left behind.  I’ll give you an example of what I am talking about.  I actually made a note of everything I ate today, and here it is:

Breakfast: my daughter’s leftover bagel, 6 Skittles, butter I licked from the knife after buttering Mikayla’s bagel

Snack: a handful of cereal

Lunch: two slices of bologna on the run, a Monster energy drink, my daughter’s leftover Gatorade from the ‘fridge

Snack: an apple (ok, a sliver of healthy made it into the day)

Another snack: leftover popcorn from last night

Dinner: A hamburger, my daughter’s leftover hamburger, and the last two swallows of her strawberry milk

Do you see a trend here? “Leftover” was the theme for the day, and I vaguely remember it making regular appearances in the recent months.  I am almost dumpster-diving.  Seriously, what is the difference between picking the leftovers out of the trash (well, except for the other “leftovers” that may find its way onto the choice item) and picking them off of my daughter’s plate?

I subscribe to the “It’s better late than never” philosophy, and it certainly applies here, so, today, I made a plan.  Not a big plan, but one to remove the more frightening eating habits from my daily menu choices.  I drew a blank when deciding upon easy and health choices for the grocery list, so I cruised the web a bit and came up with a couple of sites that helped me out.  Here are three of my favorites: (chocolate made it to the top 10…oh, yeah!)

Check them out, and tell me what you think.  And, if you don’t mind, if my story is familiar to any of you, please feel free to share 🙂 !

2 thoughts on “Help! I’m Almost-Dumpster Diving!

  1. Very humorous post! It was between this and, “Why Do We Write,” and after reading this it’s this AND “Why Do We Write.” Good job. I’m subscribing to your blog as well.


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