Why Do We Write?

A book entitled Why We Write caught my eye the other day in a bookstore, so I bought it and began reading.  The book, edited by Meredith Maran, is a compilation of essays by various authors answering the very question posed by the title.  David Baldacci, former practicing attorney and creator of Absolute Power and Stone Cold, states quite simply “I can’t not write,” and this resonated quite closely with me.

I can’t imagine not writing.  Ever since childhood, my imagination has drawn me toward pen and paper. Writing was a safe haven where I could dream, invent or engage in any conversation my heart desired. Writing was a friend from another world, and it put me in a zone.  Sebastion Junger, author of War and The Perfect Storm, began his “Why I Write”  with “When I’m writing, I’m in an altered state of mind.” I can relate.

I write for practical reasons, as well, for writing organizes my mind.  Getting my thoughts down on paper (I am still partial to pen and notepad) provides order to the constant explosion of ideas that swirls through my head at any given moment. Not to mention, the chances of my not remembering my great idea later are good, so recording it saves me the frustration of calling to mind the brilliance that struck me earlier in the day.

My writer’s spirit has been moved by many accomplished authors throughout my life, each one providing  sunshine and rain for seedling inspiration. I write to be better, at something I love to do.  My spirit is blooming now, growing with daily doses of encouragement and expertise , and I dream of sending new seeds into the wind in the hopes that one lands somewhere, and takes root.  What a gift, to be able to plant a seed of inspiration!

We all write to connect.  We connect with humor, vision, knowledge, torment and passion. Words are fibers that connect us all, at times heavy, stormy greys and black.  Other times words are woven from silk of vibrant crimson, indigo and citrus, and sometimes, delicate threads in hushed tones of taupe and eggshell wrap themselves around us in a whisper.

I love a good conversation, and I cherish the stories that people have shared with me throughout the years.  We each have our stories, chapters compiled into unique collections. I have always considered it a privilege to be the recipient of a few pages out of someone’s life.  I have gathered quite a collection, and wish now I had written them down over the years, for the rich anecdotes would make for a fabulous read. Each time we write, we open the book of Us,  for others to catch a glimpse of our souls, and when we give our stories wings, we invite the world in, in a very intimate way.

I find life itself delicious, and the freedom to jot down my thoughts on life, my experiences, and even some knowledge I’ve gained along the way, to be heavenly. I tend to picture writing as an ongoing conversation with friends.  Writing is natural for me, and sharing my writing openly a new and courageous venture.

Why do I write? For sheer joy! Why else?

2 thoughts on “Why Do We Write?

  1. well, being technologically challenged i think i just put my message to you on my blog instead of on yours. i wanted to thank you for signing up to the ADD blog. and i hope you will like it and be moved to comment, especially being a writer.


    • Thank you. Please share your comments as well, especially on the “All Things ADHD” category that I have. ADHD and writing have not only a close relationship, but a profound impact on my life, all of which has been a blessing.


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